Predictions of 2014

Guaranteed to happen
  • More Future Garage Pop tracks
  • GOOD LBGT music
  • Visual Albums (thanks bey)
  • Yeezus does weird shit
  • General copyright bullshit
  • Kitty Pryde dates some one more famous than her and then live tweets her break up

  • The glory days of hip-hop continues
  • Lou Reed is still dead
  • Too fucking hot for festivals
  • Someone tries to viral a new genre so people listen to their music
  • Advertising-supported Music
  • Kanye West makes a concept album about his kid going to college with Kanye as both the child and himself
  • Still hate Steve Aoki

Probz Happen
  • Online only concerts
  • Africa becomes an EDM powerhouse
  • Ironic myspace releases
  • Some dad rock band I didnt care about reunites
  • Lo-Fi distortion on all vocals
  • Pussy Riot starts up all that feminist band stuff again
  • Steel Drums and Flutes
  • 3D printing vinyl records
  • Music collectives and music collective gang feuds
  • Riff Raff releases a cartoon and book
  • Canadian beats on every relevant hip-hop release
  • Yung Lean fakes his death
  • Swaggy P and Drake do a song together and it sucks
  • Underground genre/theme gets mainstream recognition from viral video

  • Some youtube famous minecraft nerd makes the top 40 pop charts
  • Spotify dies or makes major changes, fucks everything up for everyone
  • has problems...
  • Youtube nukes all music "accidentally"
  • Iggy Pop dies
  • Miley gets naked 4 real

Genre Trends
  • More unpredictable microgenres
  • Disco 2014
  • Vaporwave 2.0 aesthetics seep into everything
  • Meme rap goes full circle
  • Jersey Club
  • Reggae gets dark...
  • Chopped and Screwed moves beyond remixes
  • Moombahcore still aint shit
  • Slowed down Gabba
  • Static House


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